What Items Does Goodwill Not Accept? Things Goodwill Won't Take

Last updated on December 14, 2022

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What Types Of Donations Are Not Accepted?

Items that are damaged or in poor shape might not be accepted by Goodwill. Every single Goodwill donation center has different rules and operates independently, so make sure to confirm with the location you’re visiting by giving them a call.

But generally, there are some common standards for accepting items that may be in damaged condition, dangerous to handle or that are difficult to re-sell.

The reason items don’t get accepted comes down to 5 main reasons:

  • The items is too bulky or oversized
  • The item is damaged, unsanitary, or used to the point that it’s not in re-sellable condition
  • The item is hazardous and contains chemicals or is dangerous to handle 
  • The donation center capacity is full
  • The item is considered junk or trash

Below, you’ll see examples of items that you can’t typically donate to Goodwill.

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    Used Underwear, Bras and Socks

    Brand new clothing is accepted, but any used versions of underwear, bras and socks will not be accepted.

    used underwear - what not to donate to goodwill
    Couches, Tables and Other Types Of Furniture

    Furniture, such as couches, tables, dressers and shelves will not be accepted as a donation at Goodwill.

    what not to donate to goodwill - couch
    Mattresses And Box Springs

    Mattresses, new or used, and box springs are not accepted at Goodwill.

    what not to donate to goodwill - mattress
    Refrigerators, Washer And Dryer, Stoves And Other Large Appliances

    Large appliances like refridgerators, freezers, washers and dryers and stoves, are not accepted as donations at Goodwill.

    what not to donate to goodwill - large appliances
    Car Seats And Chairs

    Car seats and office chairs are not accepted at Goodwill due to its bulky size. Some Goodwill donation centers may accept smaller seats that are regulated by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    what not to donate to goodwill - car seats
    Pianos And Large Musical Instruments

    Large instruments, such as pianos, are not accepted as donations at Goodwill.

    what not to donate to Goodwill - Piano
    Food And Beverages

    Goodwill does not accept food and beverages as a donation.

    what not to donate to goodwill - foods and beverages
    Breast Pumps

    Breast pumps are not accepted as a donation at Goodwill.

    what not to donate to Goodwill - breast pump
    Makeup, Skincare And Personal Care Items

    Used personal care items are not accepted at Goodwill. This includes makeup, lotion, lipstick, and other personal care items. But if you’re donating brand new and sealed versions of personal care items, your local Goodwill may accept them as donations.

    what not to donate to Goodwill - makeup

    Can You Donate Bulky And/Or Oversized Items?

    Donating bulky and/or oversized items really comes down to your local Goodwill. Why? Each Goodwill thrift store and donation center is run by your local community, which means every single location operates with different rules and policies.

    Most items that are hard to store, move, or re-sell, are typically not accepted. But if you have a Goodwill Outlet location near you, you may be able to donate furniture and other large items, as they have the storage space to re-sell oversized items.

    To confirm if you can donate your mattresses, TVs, pianos, computers, furniture, refrigerators, and/or other bulky items, call your local Goodwill first before your visit. 

    If they’re not accepting bulky items, the next best option would be to list it for free on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

    What Donations Are Accepted?