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There is only 1 Goodwill Outlet, or Goodwill Bins, located in Williston, Vermont.

However, due to being short staffed, it is currently temporarily closed (as of November, 2022). After speaking with a member of their team, there’s currently no re-opening date planned at this moment. If you’re planning to visit this location, please make sure to call them before to confirm if they are still open.

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Goodwill Bins Vermont

Goodwill Outlet Williston

Temporarily Closed - Call In Advance To Confirm

Kids Allowed

Wheelchair Accessible

Restrooms Available

Accepts Cash and Card

Pay-Per Pound

To confirm any rules and policies, make sure to give them a call. 

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The store itself is okay… I’ve found a few good things but the 30 dollar handpicked items that sit there for weeks is a little ridiculous considering it’s all free items. The main reason I feel like this place isn’t the best is that all the employees are in the main store and the outlet has been closed, the bins are just so much better overall and more beneficial in general because of the better pricing, I’m aware staffing is an issue but like I said there are usually 4 employees in the store now that the outlet is closed, and I feel like there’s no need for it to still be closed. It takes way less labor to just throw them in bins VS hanging them anyways
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This place is quite a treat to visit. It's just unfortunate that to get the best experience shopping here, is that you have to be early in coming. It's frequented by regulars who'll group up at the entryway 15 or 10 minutes before opening. Then when the store opens, they'll be the first to be picking and typically will hoard a lot of stuff which will leave undesirable items behind. And it'll turn from what could've been a delightful shopping experience, into a frustrating one because everyone else there will be dog piling the bins. It'd be hard to regulate something like this since this is a store that really aims to get a lot of stuff moved out and sold. I'm just saying to keep in mind about what you could deal with when you visit here.
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As a regular customer of this location, the store is showing much improvement. The management team in both the main store and Buy the Pound are making that happen.
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