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There’s only 1 Goodwill Outlet, or Goodwill bins, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

This location is a hotspot for re-sellers and treasure seekers who are willing to dig for some treasure.

If you’re visiting a Goodwill Outlet store for the first time, you need to mentally prepare for a different shopping experience, especially this location in Oklahoma City. Competition is fierce, regulars are competitive and people are shopping for their lives. Literally.

Who are resellers? Is this location good for resellers?

Re-sellers are people who shop with the intention to buy items for cheap and sell them online for a profit. They get a bad reputation for being aggressive at times, but this is the risk you take when treasure hunting.

And yes, this Goodwill Outlet is good for re-sellers.

At these Goodwill Bins, merchandise is piled into large blue bins. Everything is charged by weight, most times costing less than $2/lb.

One reason this Oklahoma City location is so popular is because there’s valuable items to be found. There’s no doubt that rummaging the Goodwill Outlets is one of the best ways to thrift, due to the likelihood of finding designer clothes and expensive merchandise for a fraction of the price.

Oh and if you’re looking for vintage tee shirts, this is a great spot to try your luck.

Here are some tips: Make sure to come prepared early in the morning with a set of gloves and a large shopping bag, as the Goodwill carts may go quickly. And based on the Goodwill outlet you’re shopping at, shoving between highly competitive shoppers is normal and to be expected.

If you don’t find anything on your first visit, remember that there are new bins full of items that are rotated every single day. With consistency and a little luck, you’ll be sharpening your thrifting skills and striking gold in no time. Goodluck.

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Oklahoma Goodwill Outlet Map

If you want to see your nearest Goodwill Bins on a map, here’s an interactive map of all the Goodwill Bins in Oklahoma.

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Goodwill Bins Oklahoma

Goodwill Outlet Oklahoma City

Kids Allowed

Wheelchair Accessible

Restrooms Available

Accepts Cash and Card

Pay-Per Pound

High Competition

To confirm any rules and policies, make sure to give them a call. 

Want to know when the Oklahoma City, OK Goodwill Outlet rotates new bins? Shop the only manager-verified rotation guides in existence.
Want to know when the Oklahoma City, OK Goodwill Outlet rotates new bins? Shop the only manager-verified rotation guides in existence.
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Holy moly! This place was crazy! It's a whole bunch of people digging through piles and piles of everything on tables! This is like combat shopping! Everything was separated into piles, like clothes and shoes and blankets so that was nice but I couldn't find the match to the boots I wanted. there were only a few shopping carts. The people that work there were great and you pay by the pound which I thought was pretty cool. I'll probably go back the next time I'm feeling aggressive 😂😂
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The sale by the pound is FALSE ADVERTISING and misleading. Shoes are individually priced, purse are as well. House wares and other items are also sold differently, only pound per cost is the nasty stain clothing. I could have done better at my local goodwill and everything wouldn't be broken, missing pieces, dirty or gross feeling to the touch. I feel this warehouse takes advantage of their community by taking their money for this garbage and telling them they just got a deal. Just wrong on so many levels. The woman behind the blue tubs kept yelling and screaming at people, not like anyone could even understand her. The gentleman pushing clothing carts was nice. Overall Do better goodwill cause this was just shameful
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It's messy and dirty, BUT, wear gloves and a mask. You can find so many treasures. We've gone about 6 times and always come back with something. We've found from toasters to sheet metal backsplashes for the kitchen. You can also find kitchen items for less than $1!! Everything is weighed by the pound so you get a lot more for your money. If you have patience and like to look around this is the place for you!
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For what it is — 5stars! Why? Because it’s the thrill of the hunt, even beyond the traditional Goodwill experience! Don’t expect racks of dresses — you gotta dig for the gold. Some diggers get excited and toss things about, breaking and damaging otherwise good items — the staff don’t put trash in the bins. It’s a little dusty and I’ll probably wear gloves next time, but it’s the nature of what the store is — semis brining bins of goodies to the dock door — all the overstock / beyond season (the retail stores keep getting donations and cycle through) and we get the even greater savings opportunity and a good hunt. Just like hunting, you may bag something, you may not. It’s an adventure, just be open to a different experience!
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"Bin" to about 50 of these bins. Passing through. Some bins were changed with more product. Ranks Probably in the lower half. Might not be a fair assessment since thrift store offerings are in deep decline EVERYWHERE. Didn't get anything, but I would try this location again.
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Really dirty compared the the Goodwill stores however there are better deals to be had. What ruins the shopping experience here is there are always large groups/families that hang out all day. They spread out and jump in front of you before you can check the bins when new ones are rolled out. Then they setup a base in the store, hogging everything, taking up space, making it difficult to get around the store. Then after spending 10-20min in checkout they change their minds and throw things back. I would like to see new rules added where people cant just pile up their finds in walkways. Add more carts in the store as there are only a few available (They can definitely afford them) so people arent dragging tubs around and bumping into you. *Update: So people arent camping in the way now. But there's a hidden price list for things like vacuums/tvs/monitors/ and other household items where they spring it on you at the register and DO NOT charge by the pound. Incredibly greedy business practice.

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