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There’s only 1 Goodwill Outlet, or Goodwill Bins, located in Westover, West Virginia.

If you’re visiting this Goodwill Outlet for the first time, don’t expect to walk into your typical Goodwill thrift store where everything is organized by merchandise in sections. At the Goodwill Bins, you’re expected to rummage and pick through unsorted large blue bins that are full of merchandise. Everything is charged by the pound, which gives you the opportunity to find valuable treasures for cheap.

Some Goodwill Outlets only sell clothes, but this location sells an assortment of clothes, toys, books and random home goods.

For the best shot at finding valuable items, make sure to come prepared early in the morning with a set of gloves and a large shopping bag, as the Goodwill carts may go quickly. And based on the Goodwill outlet you’re shopping at, shoving between highly competitive shoppers is normal and to be expected.

If you don’t find anything on your first visit, remember that there are new bins full of items that are rotated every single day. With consistency and a little luck, you’ll be sharpening your thrifting skills and striking gold in no time. Goodluck.

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West Virginia Goodwill Outlet Map

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Goodwill Bins West Virginia

Goodwill Outlet Westover

Kids Allowed

Wheelchair Accessible

Restrooms Available

Accepts Cash and Card

Pay-Per Pound

To confirm any rules and policies, make sure to give them a call. 

Want to know when the Westover, WV Goodwill Outlet rotates new bins? Shop the only manager-verified rotation guides in existence.
Want to know when the Westover, WV Goodwill Outlet rotates new bins? Shop the only manager-verified rotation guides in existence.
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Remember that this is the last stop for this stuff. If you are diligent, you can find some hidden gems. Yes, they are there and you pay by the pound. You never know what you may find. A helpful tip...WEAR GLOVES! Everything will need to be washed or scrubbed. Friendly staff.
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I shop at this location about once a week. Staff is friendly and this location if reasonably clean. Some days the tables are rotated well with balanced amounts and types of items . . . some days it's all books, broken things, and tables either empty or over-stacked with clothes. I go back each week and sometimes find some good items -- I live locally, so I can take the chance, but I wouldn't drive to this location from outside Morgantown until the warehouse crew becomes more consistent. Definitely wear gloves. When college is in session there will be several students at all times sifting though the clothes trying to find ones to re-sell; so don't come looking for snazzy name brands until the summer. Most of the patrons have been very nice and courteous and will help you look for things your are collecting.
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People usually think that shopping out of bins is gross, but this was very nice. It was clean and not packed. They charge you by weight of the items, which is very convenient and cheap. It’s not overpriced. I recommend going!! (:

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