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There’s only 1 Goodwill Outlet, or Goodwill Bins, located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

While there are several other Goodwill thrift stores located in Utah, this is the only Goodwill thrift store that charges by the pound. It’s different than a normal Goodwill thrift shop where everything organized into sections. Imagine a large warehouse where dozens of large blue bins full of unsorted merchandise are rotated throughout the day for shoppers to rummage through. Treasure hunters love this place and it’s a great experience, as long as you follow the rules and policies (and follow some handy tips, listed below).

Naturally, this attracts a lot of re-sellers and flippers. At this location, the reviews show that it’s a pleasant shopping experience where you can dig and rummage through the Goodwill Bins peacefully.

If you’re familiar with Goodwill Outlets, you know that this isn’t normally the case. Competition can get pretty fierce, as people rely on these Goodwill Outlets to source clothes, toys, electronics and other merchandise to sell online for a profit. This is their livelihood in a sense.

Tips Before You Shop At The Goodwill Bins

Make sure to come prepared early in the morning with a set of gloves and a large shopping bag. I recommend picking up large IKEA bags online, as they’re large and can hold a lot weight. For the best chance at finding highly valuable items for cheap, time your visit when new bins get rotated into the store. This is usually in the mornings, then scattered randomly throughout the day.

If you don’t find anything on your first visit, remember that there are new bins full of items that are rotated every single day. With consistency and a little luck, you’ll be sharpening your thrifting skills and striking gold in no time. Goodluck.

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Goodwill Bins Utah

Goodwill Outlet Salt Lake City

Kids Allowed

Wheelchair Accessible

Restrooms Available

Accepts Cash and Card

Pay-Per Pound

To confirm any rules and policies, make sure to give them a call. 

Want to know when the Salt Lake City, UT Goodwill Outlet rotates new bins? Shop the only manager-verified rotation guides in existence.
Want to know when the Salt Lake City, UT Goodwill Outlet rotates new bins? Shop the only manager-verified rotation guides in existence.
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To fully enjoy the experience at the Goodwill "bins" you need to understand the nature of the shopping. It isn't calm and polite with merchandise laid out carefully. It is just huge plastic bins filled with clothing, books, towels, bedding, and other random items. All of the items are from Goodwill stores that were unsold and are the last stop before they get thrown away so you need to look carefully but quickly and know what you are looking for. CHECK that buttons, zips, and all closures work properly as many clothes are damaged. Most clothes are dirty. Shoes are tricky as they often get separated by people throwing clothes around. People WILL reach over you, people WILL reach around you, and they will be pushy and aggressive and throw things all around. I suggest bringing headphones and ignoring everyone around you but also stand your ground. Occasionally they will bring out new bins covered up but you are NOT allowed to touch them until they say "go". Be respectful of the employees as they are just doing their job and probably get minimum wage. Prices are around $2 a pound getting cheaper for the heavier your weight is.
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This place is an awesome outlet! You dig through Bins and gather a horde. Instead of being charged individually, you are charged a bulk price. This means you can get some seriously great deals on items here. Its worth your time to check out if you're thrifting.
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Been here twice & had some fun looking for treasure. It’s literally rows of waist high bins(which are rotated throughout the day & “new” stock rolled out) full of donated items that are on their last chance to be sold via Goodwill. Everything is sold by the pound but don’t let that stop you. There is a kind of method to this type of shopping so be prepared to go with the flow of it. You need a cart to store what you want to buy for the most part, also there is a kind of etiquette to digging in (be polite and not pushy) I highly suggest disposable gloves since I noticed my hands were really grubby afterwards. There are public restrooms available (a luxury these days when in a public place), cold soda for sale, pretty ample parking but be careful to NOT park in the RED MARKED tow away zone because your vehicle can and will be towed. When you checkout your cart contents are rolled onto a scale & you’re charged by the lb (minus the cart weight). I’ve found a few cool items here, including a car roof rack, robot interactive toy, & some trendy bed linens. Each time I spent less than $10 & my stuff was heavy enough to need a cart. The employees are polite & checkout was fast despite a line. Just remember to listen when the employees direct you to move out of the way because if you don’t they can’t bring out the giant carts with fresh stuff. Another tip: absolutely sterilize & wash thoroughly what you buy from warehouse thrifts like this.
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OK it was only my 2nd trip here and LOVED it & learned a lot! It was surprisingly crowded on Monday morningish, you know there are professional thrifting scavengers galore here, just don't look them in the eyes or try to interact and you will be fine 😜! Also don't plan on getting a cart cause they are hard to come by(see reason above)best bring your own big bags! TJMaxx bags are my jam!! Make sure you divide your own bags, so like cloths & shoes in one bag, linens & blankets, sheets ect in another, books and dvds in another, it saves you a lot of time. Also lots of crusty undies & unwashed things so wear gloves or maybe a Hazmat suit, haha J/k kinda. My hunt for thrifty fun was awesome, I found some real treasures such as vintage bedspreads, cool books, teen & mens clothing, some cute boots & revere ware pots in awesome shape. Most I paid was 30$ for 4 bags! The Checker/clerk was just like you would expect someone who works there to be, a little aloft & just so you know he does not want your friendship or want to see your cool finds, he does not care, he just is wanting to get back to his games in his mom's basement, so don't bother him anymore & try not to take it personal.
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I really enjoyed shopping at the Goodwill Outlet or as I sometimes call it: The Bins! Of course it isn’t organized well, but mostly clothes are in certain bins and then games and other miscellaneous items are in other bins. It is very inexpensive and even conflated to other outlets, Most have prices closer to $1.99-2.49 per lbs. If you are interested in reselling items, or don’t mind moving quickly/frantically while shopping, I would go in the morning as you get the “best options” since things haven’t been picked through and they switch out the bins pretty often. I just go for fun and usually will go toward the afternoon. I have worn gloves and actually forgot the most recent time I went and I wished I had them because you are touching so many items including lots of undergarments and stained clothes. The items I saw the most of were comforters/sheets/blankets, kids clothes (some were stained, others were in really good condition), 80’s pieces such as blouses with shoulder pads, lots of 2005-2015 pieces like low rise/flare jeans, t shirts, sweaters etc. and then just random things like swimsuits, turtle necks, grandma crew neck sweaters, old patterned tshirts, underwear, pajamas, towels, robes etc. I really like the variety of things and love digging to find some gems, but if you don’t like searching, I wouldn’t suggest it.

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