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Hawaii’s single Goodwill Outlet, or Goodwill Bins, is located in the state’s capital of Honolulu. 

At this Goodwill Outlet, everything is charged by the pound so you can sort through piles of clothes to find designer clothes for a few dollars apiece. You can also find home goods, toys, and more, to collect for yourself or flip online for a profit. 

If you’re a treasure hunter and garage sale enthusiast, you understand that Goodwill outlets can be a little gross, unorganized, and even hostile environments. The great news about this outlet is that it was recently renovated during the pandemic, making it more modern and welcoming.

But, like any Goodwill Outlet where treasures can be found for cheap, regulars frequent this location to flip items for a profit.

To have the highest chance of finding high-value items,  make sure to come prepared early in the morning with a set of gloves and a large shopping bag, as the Goodwill carts may go quickly. And based on the Goodwill outlet you’re shopping at, shoving between highly competitive shoppers is normal and to be expected. 

If you don’t find anything on your first visit, remember that there are new bins full of items that are rotated every single day. With consistency and a little luck, you’ll be sharpening your thrifting skills and striking gold in no time. Goodluck.

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Hawaii Goodwill Outlet Map

If you want to see your nearest Goodwill Bins on a map, here’s an interactive map of all the Goodwill Bins in Hawaii.

Click on any pin(s) to see the Goodwill Outlet location appear below.

Goodwill Bins Hawaii

Goodwill Outlet Honolulu

Kids Allowed

Wheelchair Accessible

Restrooms Available

Accepts Cash and Card

Pay-Per Pound

To confirm any rules and policies, make sure to give them a call. 

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There are people at the bins who act like they own this place. They have a system where you have to line up when the bins are being filled. Twice now I’ve witnessed people cutting in front, because their piles of goods are blocking the door. They refuse to go to the back of the line. I don’t know if their families work here, own this business or what, but it’s not fair. There needs to be more structure here—- a line or label indicating where the line should start. A rule that no one should have their pope Of stuff blocking the entrance to the clothing section. Oh also, not everyone leaves when the bins are changing I am watching people sitting in there on the sides. Also, the bins turnover should’ve quicker
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Its a good place for bargain its our first time coming with my 3 kids. The worker is super nice and helpful. You just need to be more patient in digging. No ac so hot but they got vending machine for cold drinks. Parking tends to be full all the time. We were lucky to get parking .
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A pleasantly addictive habit for bargain hunters! Dig for hours on end and find Hugo Boss, Armani and other incredible finds mixed among the mountains of Alfani and George from Walmart and other bargain basement store items. I purchased a very nicely maintained Dyson for less than $9! The staff are friendly and welcoming. Be patient and learn the rules first. Most people are more than willing to help you out with the basics.
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I LOVE Goodwill outlet!!! I have gotten so many good deals there, mostly household items and decorative stuff. Also lots of craft supplies, seasonal items and some high end clothes. It probably isn't the thrift store for everyone, you do have to deal with rude people, sharp tongued staff (at times), and their odd routine of running the outlet. But......there are great bargains to be found at more than reasonable prices!!! I've even found some high end items that I have resold.

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