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There’s currently only 1 Goodwill Outlet, or Goodwill Bins, located in Hudson, New Hampshire.

This Goodwill Outlet is for thrifters who are willing to rummage through large, unorganized bins full of merchandise for treasure. If you’re not the type to dig through bins of clothes, or defend yourself from overly competitive shoppers, don’t come here.

However, if you’re curious about this potentially fruitful shopping experience, here are some tips – Make sure to come prepared early in the morning with a set of gloves and a large shopping bag, as the Goodwill carts may go quickly. And based on the Goodwill outlet you’re shopping at, shoving between highly competitive shoppers is normal and to be expected. Remember, people make their full-time livings doing this.

If you don’t find anything on your first visit, remember that there are new bins full of items that are rotated every single day. With consistency and a little luck, you’ll be sharpening your thrifting skills and striking gold in no time. Goodluck.

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Goodwill Bins New Hampshire

Goodwill Outlet Hudson

Kids Allowed

Wheelchair Accessible

Restrooms Available

Accepts Cash and Card

Pay-Per Pound

To confirm any rules and policies, make sure to give them a call. 

Want to know when the Hudson, NH Goodwill Outlet rotates new bins? Shop the only manager-verified rotation guides in existence.
Want to know when the Hudson, NH Goodwill Outlet rotates new bins? Shop the only manager-verified rotation guides in existence.
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Went for the first time today and loved it! Update on the ticketing system! As of memorial day they have signs posted they are no longer in offering tickets, you will need to wait in line. We saw people waiting before 9am for 930am entrance. YMMV. Once in....RUN! Find a spot and search with a swiftness and don't stop until you're done. Most people were nice, but the committed Reseller's are slightly more aggressive on their search and moving around. We found some great items and saved a ton. The store attached is well maintained and the employee's were very welcoming. If you're casually looking for yourself to get a bargain the first 15 minutes will be a whirlwind after that it gets pretty calm. Overall 10/10
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The Buy-The-Pound option is like visiting an amusement park for the first time and having all the rides cause some form of bodily harm. The Buy The Pound offers the unique feeling of fear and danger that most stores can't touch. And speaking of touch, when participants mass rage towards the bins and start frantically sifting through the huge piles of garbage, it's like watching a ban of crows hawking for fresh roadside carnage. Never in my life have I feared for my safety and mental well being while shopping. It's a great place to bring a first date.
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Absolutely horrible. The employees treat you like you’re less than them. The men who change out the bins are on a power trip. Trying to find information on who to contact about their behavior here. The way they have you wait behind a line while they change out the bins now is very dangerous. People rush, carts are everywhere because they don’t allow you to leave them anywhere else in the store, they must be with you at all times, which causes very crowded aisles. Which seems like a fire hazard. They should have a designated spot to leave carts if you’d like to leave it somewhere. The people who come here are truly treated like children. We are customers, still paying for these items regardless of if they’re new or not, and should be treated as such. I am furious at the way I have been spoken to and how others have been spoken to and treated here.
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So many bins to go through! Great finds for 30 cents a lb! Worth ckn out atleast one time! But may become 'addicting'

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